Amazing Timo Lieber’s Arctic photography: Terryifing Beauty of Melting Icecaps

Each mid year, as the air warms up and the daylight thrashes on the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, pools of splendidly blue soften water are framed over the unblemished white scene. While mid year dissolving is typical, in the course of recent decades, the rate of softening has been disturbing high and these dark blue lakes are showing up in expanding numbers, ever more elevated up on the ice top.

Renowned photographer Timo Lieber, document the phenomenon and described i his own words in the article posted in The Guardian, “I ’ve always had a passion for the ice. I’d been to Iceland seven or eight times, to Arctic Norway and to Greenland. Greenland’s contribution to global sea-level rise is about three times that of Antarctica. I saw how fast the landscape was changing and wanted to put it into a body of work.”

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