Apple iPhone 6 Concept

You won’t believe it. Even when you see it. A project by Johnny Plaid posted on Behance Network. The designer stated

With the release of iPhone 5, Apple made it clear that user comfort was far more important to them than screen size. Whether you agree with their philosophy or not, I set out to increase not only the height of the display, but the width as well while still following Apple’s design and usability requirements. The iPhone 6 concept maintains the exact physical dimensions of the iPhone 5 but the display has been increased from 640 x 1136 to 754 x 1296.

The current iPhone 5 manufacturing process while inventive, innovative and stunning, is highly complicated and was accompanied by a steep learning curve for those involved in the process.  The iPhone 6 concept takes mobile innovation to the next level by combining aluminum with carbon-fiber to create a seamless uni-body enclosure that increases strength while decreasing weight.  Carbon fiber alone is perfectly rigid and doesn’t bend.  Because of this, any hard impact will cause it to shatter.  Aluminum is not as rigid as carbon fiber but does provide some flexibility as it can bend without breaking.  By creating an aluminum-carbon fiber composite hybrid enclosure, the iPhone 6 earns a 40% weight reduction and 60% strength increase.  It will not shatter when dropped or dent.  Scratches are a thing of the past and may upset the aftermarket case industry.  The manufacturing process for such an enclosure has already been used, tried and tested.  Current manufacturing processes can be combined with Apple’s friction-stir welding already being used on the latest i Mac design.

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