Crocheting a Locomotive in Lodz, Poland

Olek a Poland based known artist currently living in US, came back to his native country for an amazing project by transforming simple yarn into cover of Train.

Olek and her team of four assistants ‘yarn bombed’ an entire locomotive with two freight cars in tow. Olek had already crocheted many of the panels beforehand but they still had to be assembled to cover the train.

The team worked through the night to pull off the massive undertaking, debuting the crocheted train on July 13th. It will be on display in Lodz, Poland, until August 19th. The project was done in collaboration with the city and was authorized. She calls the piece ‘Deadly Romance’.

crocheted-locomotive-lodz-poland-by-artist-olek-1 crocheted-locomotive-lodz-poland-by-artist-olek-2 crocheted-locomotive-lodz-poland-by-artist-olek-3 crocheted-locomotive-lodz-poland-by-artist-olek-4

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