The Most Expensive House in the United States $250 Million by Bruce Makowsky: 924 Bel Air Road

In Bel Air, California, ultra-extravagance home designer Bruce Makowsky has revealed his most aspiring undertaking yet, 924 Bel Air Road. Recorded at US$250 million it is the most costly home ever recorded in the United States.

To pull in the demographic Makowsky is focusing on, he is offering more than only a home he is offering a way of life. Whoever purchases 924 Bel Air gets the home, as well as a full-time, 7-man staff for a long time, a US$30 million auto gathering and the majority of the work of art, wine, furniture and additional items you can envision.

Underneath you will discover an exhibition of this crazy property alongside a video visit and a rundown of probably the most amazing highlights and incorporations.

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Video Tour:

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