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TV Legend Dick Clarks Flinestones House

Let’s say you have $2.5 million and you want to live in Flintstone-style house. Then house of TV legend Dick Clark in Malibu is exactly what you need. It looks as though it was designed by the same stone-age architect… Continue Reading →

Traditional Refugi Lieptgas Concrete Cabin

Nickish Sano Walder Architects sought to preserve elements of this Graubünden, Switzerland holiday home. From a distance Refugi Lieptgas looks like a traditional wooden hut. Taking a closer look you will actually find that this cabin is made of concrete. The… Continue Reading →

Quant e-Sport limousine 2014

Making its official debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March, the Quant e-Sportlimousine has now been officially approved by Tüv Süd in Munich for use on public roads. Built around a monocoque composed of carbon-fibre structures, the intelligent… Continue Reading →

A New Kinetic Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

The Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) has acquired Explosion, a new kinetic cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz. Explosion will be one of the centerpieces of the exhibition Sebastian Errazuriz: Look Again, which opens September 6th. “Inactivated, Explosion sits as a tidy, beautiful credenza. Transparent… Continue Reading →

V8 Wet Rod Luxury Transport Jet Ski

Strand Crafthave built what could arguably be called the Rolls-Royce of light water transport – V8 Wet Rod. Featuring a customizable construction made from carbon fiber and epoxy, you can optionally add wood and carbon inlays, custom paint and wrapping,… Continue Reading →

Amazing Glass Sculptures by Ben Young

Ben Young is a self-taught sculpture artist with over 10 years experience, based in Sydney, Australia. Being passionate about sculpting with glass for so long, Ben’s work is completely by hand, sheet after sheet of cautiously cut pieces of glass. “I… Continue Reading →

The First Projection Watch-RITOT

Clocks were invented for  mankind to stopped peering into the sky at the sun to calculate the time . The first clock was created thousands of years ago. There were various types of clock, including sundial, clepsydra, hourglass and others. Since… Continue Reading →

Amazing Lotus Building by Studio505

Architecture and design firm Studio505, have recently completed the Lotus Building in Wujin, China. “Located in the heart of Wujin, the burgeoning southern district of Changzhou, Jiangsu PRC, the Lotus Building and the 3.5 hectare People’s Park has been designed to… Continue Reading →

Beautiful Marble and Stone Sculptures by Matthew Simmonds

Matthew Simmonds is a sculptor and artist from Englang. From his early childhood, he was fascinated by stone buildings, an affection that flows into his artworks, where stone architecture is used as a central theme. Particularly the medieval architecture, with its… Continue Reading →

Modern and Elegant Weave House by A-Cero

A-Cero have recently completed Weave House, located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. “This house has been designed the distinctive style of the studio managed by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares architects, according to the design the evolution recent years with… Continue Reading →

Amazing and Unusual Floating Objects

Sometimes architects surprise us with really unusual ideas. And not just with extraordinary architecture forms but also with unusual places for their creations. We think you would agree that open sea is very weird place for swimming pool or skate… Continue Reading →

Futuristic Bike Honda NM4 Vultus

There are lots of superbikes in the bike world, but all of them are unique pieces produced in limited edition. Unlike them Honda NM4 Vultus is a commercial and mass product, an at the same time it looks likes limited edition superbike…. Continue Reading →

Earth and Moon Watch by Alexander Sorokin

Wrist digital clock made ​​in an elegant stainless steel housing. Under the shock-resistant sapphire crystal is vysokontrastny color display. Built-in GPS sensor helps to show just the other side of the planet and the land on which you are now…. Continue Reading →

Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat

Many of us have dreamed to explore one of the legendary rivers Amazon. So why not to do it in Aqua Amazon style from Aqua Expeditions team. You will enjoy a chic boutique hotel that floats on Amazon. Yes, we love to… Continue Reading →

Amazing Layers Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten

 Richard Hutten has designed the Layers Cloud Chair made from layers of fabric cut using a CNC machine. The chair will be part of Kvadrat’s Divina exhibition during Salone del Mobile this month. The inspiration for the project is colourful fossils forming… Continue Reading →

Danish ELLE Beauty Story

Flag is a popular element in fashion design, make up and creative photo sessions. In the following photos you can check how interesting could be combination of beautiful faces of models, colors of flags and professional make up. The following… Continue Reading →

Native Foods Converted Into Delicious Maps of Countries Around the World

Artists Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves are authors of project called Food Maps. It’s a series of detailed maps of different countries and continents, created from the delicacies for which each place is known. The United States’ map is a glorious quilt… Continue Reading →

Beautiful Life of Snails by Vyacheslav Mischenko

Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko uses macro photography to bring the unseen and hidden beauty of the miniature world to life. What makes his close-up portraits so riveting is the sharpness and detail of his subjects, combined with the soft and ‘fantasy like’… Continue Reading →

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