Stainless Steel Bass Guitar – The Stash Stainless

The Stash Stainless is the only bass guitar that is made from stainless steel with unified frets and a tubular neck. Each piece of the guitar, from the pickups to the body, has been custom crafted and hand assembled by the designer, Stan Potyrala.

The design is not only distinct, sleek and modern, but the unique tubular neck presents the fingers of the musician to a parallel array of strings around a circular radius. This is a more natural and comfortable way for the musician to reach the strings. This design can ease the muscle stress that a flat surface can cause to the fingers, hands and wrist.

Every part of the bass is made of the same metal, resulting in it having one coefficient of thermal expansion. This means your bass will stay in tune much longer than conventional basses. It also means even extreme temperature variations won’t harm the bass. The design improves stiffness, mechanical and environmental stability, sound quality, tuning and mechanical accuracy.

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